Back & Poppin'

Truth + Dare took a good power nap, but now we’re back and ready to get poppin’

Thinking back to the start of T+D, we wanted to create a resource and space for women to see the truth of her value and dare to live at her highest potential. Our team wanted to create the blog that we needed throughout college to come to terms with some of that subtle sexism that proves to be so harmful. From being called “bitch” to “crazy” and everything in between, college women seem to be constantly torn down and often struggle to empower even ourselves.  

Taking my words from our mission statement, “I dare every woman to know her own value. I dare you to realize that being born without a you-know-what does not change your worth nor the power of your voice. I dare you to understand that women are smart, powerful, beautiful and celebrated. You are equal, valued, respected, fabulous, ambitious, and every other positive buzzword I can think of, and through this blog we want to remind you of that with every post.”

This mission hasn’t changed -- we’re back and ready to equip you with every how-to, must-have and must-read to empower you as you navigate the “crazy” life of a college woman. So, what better day to announce our comeback than on International Women’s Day? Women need each other and, more than anything, we need resources and outlets like this to realize we are not “crazy” for expecting more and demanding to be treated better. You aren’t “crazy” for telling a boy you aren’t interested at the bar. And you certainly aren’t “crazy” for wanting to be CEO of your own company or president of your student organization. We’re in this together -- in the words of Serena Williams and Nike, let’s “show them what crazy can do.”

Lillian RothComment