Beyond the Protest Signs

by Madeline Anscombe


After the election of Donald Trump in 2016, women showed their dissent in very visible numbers- they flooded the streets in women’s marches across the country and globe, donated to at-risk organizations, and engaged themselves in communities in ways we hadn’t previously thought possible.

But this can (and has) taken us only so far.

With the midterm elections approaching, feminists must go beyond the protest signs and into the voting booths and engage themselves in politics once again. While we have talked a lot about advocacy on this blog and responsible politics, the impending midterm elections feels like the perfect opportunity to give our readers a few ideas on organizations to support in 2018:


Emily’s List:

My personal favorite resource to pass on is Emily’s List, which is an organization dedicated towards electing pro-choice women to office across the country. On their website, you can find candidates with a diverse range of platforms to support through either donations or, if you live close, that you can volunteer for. The website provides links to their facebook and twitter feeds so that you may follow and share with your friends. If you choose to volunteer for a candidate, canvassing and phone banking are both great ways to chat with constituents and inform them about the midterms and your candidate!


This year, a record number of women are running for office. While 50% of the US identifies as female, they make up only 19% of congress and account for only 24% of state legislatures. Emerge offers trainings to empower women and gives them the tools to run for offices across America.


Swing Left:

As the democrats prepare to try to take back the house so that they can protect Roe v. Wade, migrant children and healthcare, Swing Left is providing action items that don’t have to break the bank. Get your friends together and host a phonebank! Check out everything Swing Left offers and mobilize!



Being an intersectional feminist certainly includes a desire to support marginalized communities on every level of government. Flippable is supporting 100 progressive candidates in state elections who are vouching to support important issues such as universal healthcare and education. Giving just $5 to Flippable might change the outcome of one of their targeted districts.



This resource is one of the easiest to use. By simply texting RESIST to 50409, you can contact your representatives and tell them what you think on a particular issue. Your representatives are put in office to represent what you and your fellow constituents believe. Resistbot offers an incredibly easy way to share your perspective, both within the coming months and after elections, using this resource can change the way officials understand particular issues.



Sometimes it’s hard to know everything going on in DC, luckily, GovTrack can tell you exactly what is on the docket, how your reps are voting, and even committee assignments. Between this and Resistbot, you can stay on top of everything going on in government and practice social responsibility! We love a woke queen!


There are a plethora of locally sourced organizations that need your help to stay open, whether that is your local abortion/ healthcare clinic, grassroots movements, shelters or school, we each share a responsibility to make the world a better (and more feminist) place. If you are searching for other ways to get involved, check out your community resources and ask them what you can do to make their jobs easier. Try anticipating their needs, dropping off books at your local middle school, tampons at the local Domestic Violence shelter, or food at your local homeless shelter. It’s always a good time to support women.


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