Spring Style Edit

by Laura Martinez

Spring has almost sprung, and we couldn’t be more ready for a change of season. The promise of warmer weather almost makes me feel more ready for a refresh than the start of a new year, and what better place to start a refresh than in the closet. Read at your own risk, I promise you’ll be tempted to spend your whole tax return on these four trends that are going be, quite literally, huge for Spring.

Huge Barrettes

Like every trend of the 90’s, hair accessories are back—BIG time. And by big I mean huge, can-be-seen-from-space clips are in. These aren’t the butterfly clips we all seemed to own in 1999, but rather a much more glammed up version. If you’re unsure about this one, try starting out with adding metallic bobby pins with an everyday outfit of jeans & a graphic tee. If you’re all about this, add a huge barrette in complementary colors to complete the trendiest outfit already in your closet.

Ease It In: Forever21 Metallic Bobby Pin Set

Snakeskin Prints

All hail Queen Taylor, snakeskin is back. Gone is the leopard craze of last season, and in its place are some seriously sexy pieces. This trend is so versatile, I’m tempted to not even waste my time on tips to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Okay, okay, I’ll tell you, stop cyber-yelling. Think of your favorite all-black ensemble, then replace one of the items with a snakeskin (print, preferably, unless you’re into PETA coming after you) piece. It can be any piece, too! I personally already have snakeskin boots, pants, and a skirt. I’m just one jacket away from being a snake for Halloween next year.

Loud Outerwear

I know, at this point you’re thinking: Are any of these trends subtle? The answer to that is a resounding, happy nope! Fashion should be something to have fun with, but I won’t get on my pedestal about that now. Huge, colorful, borderline-obnoxious coats are stealing my heart (and a good chunk of my groceries budget) this spring. The beauty of these bad boys are you can wear them with anything and they’ll be the main focus of the outfit. Am I recommending you style them with pajamas? No. Am I saying that I have definitely worn one over the same shirt I wore to bed? Maybe.

Go All Out: Oversized Double Breasted Blazer

Pale Blue

Okay, so there is ONE subtle trend within the mix here. Pale blue had a major moment on the runways this spring, so you’ll be seeing it replace all those weird orange undertones of fall (if you use one of those IG presets that turns everything red to orange--throw your whole Instagram away. It’s out.) This trend is simple, but you can always spice it up by adding it with a contrasting color, like orange or yellow.

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