Winter Hair Care

by Laura Martinez

Winter ruins everything. Once the temperature drops, it’s not just your will to get out of bed and social life that suffers. Cold weather and dry wind can be disastrous for your strands. During the winter months no matter where you live, you may notice more dryness and dullness to your hair. Hair got the winter woes? We’ve got you back (or head) with these tips.


No Such Thing as Over Conditioning

You’ll want to switch out your conditioner during the winter months to something with the words hydrating, moisturizing, or intensive. These conditioners will lock in moisture and provide thirsty hair with the moisture the winter has robbed. It’s easier to prevent hair from drying out than it is to repair it, so make your switch as soon as the temperature changes. Pantene Gold Series Moisture Boost Conditioner is a fantastic option for all hair types, and it’s available almost everywhere.



Mask It Up

Masks aren’t just great for your face, they can also help seal split ends. There are tons to choose from, depending on how much help you need. I recommend a once a week in-shower mask– typically you leave these in for about 15 minutes–-which not only helps your hair but also encourages you to actually shave your legs. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque is my favorite, as it’s all natural and works amazingly well. Plus--it’s almost always at TJ Maxx for half off, or you can buy from their website here.


Don’t Overheat

Since every other aspect of your life gets minimal effort during winter, it’s actually not a bad idea to get lazy with your hair styling too. Heat isn’t great for your hair in any season, but if your hair is already dry and brittle, flat irons blow dryers will just exacerbate the problem. Experiment with braids, buns, and chic ponytails to give your hair a break. For some styling inspiration, check out this Glamour article.



Leave It All Behind

Leave-in conditioner is a great alternative to masks if you hate long showers (and everything else good in this world) or as an addition to your regime. Some of them are so moisturizing your hair may look a bit greasy, which is all the more reason to leave all your plans behind, throw on Netflix and a treatment and call it a night. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner smells amazing and is a favorite of stylists everywhere. If it’s too cold to make the trek to Target, you can find it on Amazon here.


Rinse and Repeat

Nobody actually repeats after rinsing out their conditioner, right? If you can bear it during the winter, after rinsing out your conditioner, turn the water colder. Rinse again in cold water just long enough that the water coats from scalp to tip. This trick ensures that your hair cuticle is sealed, thus making it appear smoother and making it harder for heat to penetrate.


Now that your hair is taken care of, all you need to do now is figure out how to layer seven sweaters under a parka to keep warm during the Bomb Cyclone.

Laura Martinez