Five Lessons to Learn from Your Wardrobe in the New Year

by Erin Brown

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Time to take a look at the last 365 days of our lives and reminisce on all that’s happened in such a short amount of time. The arrival of a new year means it’s time to make tangible goals for the year ahead, and while some resolutions may be little, others may be big. No matter what you want to implement, just know there’s always a way to better your life (with inspiration from your wardrobe) in 2018.

So, here are a few important lessons we can all come to utilize:

1. Too much is never truly necessary. Although we all love buying new clothes, the more we purchase, the more we can get rid of. You can only fit so much in your closet and, let’s be real, it’s not all necessary. So, take that lesson and run with it. Too much of something, whether it’s good or bad, can be harmful to your life. Too much texting can take away from building meaningful relationships, while too much junk food can cause breakouts and too much social media can lead to a negative self-image. It’s all clutter, and clutter just gets in the way–so get rid of it.

This leads me to my next point…

2. Be okay with throwing things away. I like to think that each new year is a fresh start. It’s a chance to clean out your wardrobe and throw away clothes you don’t wear, never liked or have completely worn out. The same can go for our lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to throw away or set aside things that aren’t healthy for your mind or body. Whether it’s accepting a relationship that’s ended, saying goodbye to a job you never truly liked or cutting out unhealthy food from your diet, it’s good to let go.

3. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Every year, we take a leap of faith with new fashion trends, whether it be accessories, clothing or shoes. But the next time you go to buy a new hat or a trendy pair of boots, think about what you can do differently in your personal life. Remember that change and taking risks can be a really good thing. Take that first solo trip you’ve always wanted to do, start the blog you’ve been dying to create, bring your ideas to your bosses and higher-ups. Our fate is all the same, so you have nothing to lose–try something different for a change.

4. Stay true to who you are. Raise your hand if you have a t-shirt or pair of jeans that you refuse to throw away (um yes, ME). It’s your staple, go-to piece and you wear it with as many outfits as you possibly can. Well, babes, we can learn a lot from these staple pieces. Similar to our wardrobe essentials, we all possess redeeming qualities that are vital to us as individuals. They’re what allow us to build our own, unique relationships with one another, but in completely different ways. Don’t deviate from these characteristics because they make you, you. And you weren’t created to be anyone else.

5. Be versatile. Clothes are meant to be mixed and matched to create new outfits. After all, you don’t just buy a piece of clothing to wear it once. So, remember to do the same with your own life. Be ready to expect the unexpected because jobs may change, friends may move away and that apartment you really want may go to someone else. Life isn’t perfect, so you will without-a-doubt come across things that weren’t in your plans. Accept them, learn from them, use them to your advantage and MOVE ON.

And with that, I hope you go forth and conquer 2018 (in style).

Erin Craft