Werk Wear

by Erin Brown

Let’s face it, when we think of business professional attire, the words boring, dull, and snooze-fest often come to mind. But ladies, work wear doesn’t have to be so lackluster! That’s right. It can actually be incredibly cute.

For all you babes out there taking on your first internship, graduating college and starting your first career, or even transitioning to a job with a more traditional work environment, here’s a how-to guide on adding personal flare to your work wear.

First thing’s first: when looking for business clothes, make sure the items you’re eyeing are appropriate in length and size. That means nothing super short or tight (the basics I’m sure your parents or boss have already told you). Once you have that ingrained in your brain, it’s time to get to shopping!

Business pants are a must-have in the professional world, but rather than getting the standard flare or straight-leg dress pants, choose one of your favorite trends and see if you can find it incorporated into business attire. You’d be surprised at all that’s available!

When it comes to jeans, I love a high waistline, so I often look for dress pants that fit the same bill. H&M has some great options for pants and they’re all for sale at fairly reasonable prices.


Once you’ve found some pants you like, it’s time to pair it with a top that adds some personality – without being too distracting. Bell sleeves are one of 2017’s biggest trends that I have no doubt will carry into 2018, and they’re the perfect mate to any dress pant.

If you’re looking for ones similar to what I’m wearing, LOFT is your place to go. Not to mention, they have a huge variety of tops, so if bell sleeves aren’t your thing, you’re bound to find something else you like. Most of their tops tuck nicely into any bottom, and they generally offer some sort of discount each week!


If you’re not into pants, skirts and dresses are also great options for the office. But I dare you to stray away from the basic black pencil skirt or business dress. There are so many fun prints and styles that can easily be incorporated into the professional world, such as my suede olive skirt (above) and patterned ruffle dress (below) – both are from LOFT.

To add an extra sprinkle of professionalism, I tend to pair my skirts and dresses with tights. They should honestly be a wardrobe staple for every working gal because they cover up your legs and add a little extra warmth during those chillier seasons.

Last but not least, every outfit needs a pair of shoes (woohoo – the best part!). If you live in the city like me, find some shoes that are comfortable and low in height. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll be walking around and your shoes will get uncomfortable quickly. But don’t let comfort lead to a frumpy purchase or something that isn’t reflective of your personal style. I love a good pair of booties, and although they’re not the traditional work shoe, they’re definitely becoming more popular in the workplace. Not to mention, they’re perfect this time of year because your feet stay cozy yet fashionable.

So, what are you waiting for? Go be the boss babe that you are and get to shopping! And remember, confidence comes from within, but a great outfit never hurts.

Erin Craft