Shiffon Duet Pinky Rings

by Laura Martinez

Not to be dramatic, but in girl world, a pinky promise is equivalent to a blood oath. Seriously, when was the last time you broke a pinky promise? Here at Truth + Dare, we are totally girl-crushing on jewelry brand Shiffon for the pinky promise they made to women. The company realized their success was entirely due to the strong women that supported them, and decided to give back and help other strong women.


Shiffon founded the Startup Girl Foundation and partnered with One Young World, and now mentor female companies and fund grants to help these companies succeed. The funds come from a fabulous ring collection that we are now all adding to our Christmukkah lists.

The ring was designed with girls in mind, and serves as a daily reminder to support and empower women. The two stones within the band symbolize women supporting another. Just like your friendship bracelet you pinky promised to never take off, this ring is so much more than an accessory. It’s a symbol of dedication to women everywhere.




Laura Martinez