Fall Transition Piece (Hint: it’s not a sweater)

by Laura Martinez

Unpopular opinion alert: Fall is the worst.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good salted caramel mocha (bye PSL), cooler weather, and Halloween festivities. I even love cozying up in a sweater and blanket, and hibernating until the sun reappears in March. Fall is the most “fashion forward” season, yet I have the hardest time with transitional outfits that are on-trend and wearable. How many nights do you struggle to find something other than a sweater to wear out with friends? Often, I give up, give in, and freeze in my favorite outfit. (Hypothermia blue is the new spray tan glow, right?) My outfit rotation ends up being: sweater and jeans, sweater and skirt, sweater and leggings, repeat.

Drumroll please...

Enter Palazzo pants: a little somethin’, somethin’ to switch up the mundane rotation we all seem to get caught in. They make a great transition piece from summer to fall. Then when the weather really cools, you can literally wear leggings under them and nobody would know. When I found my new favorite Palazzo pants at Zara (praise be to the holy land) just last weekend, and for $22, I knew it was love at first sight.

I paired my Palazzos with nude peep-toe stacked heels from Lulu's, a neutral American Eagle cotton tank that I've been known to sleep in, and my jazzy new handkerchief from Madewell. I got compliments all day while wearing essentially glorified pajamas. Win-win.

Palazzo pants have been seen all across runways as the easy go-to piece for the season. They're comfy, flattering, and on-trend with a wide leg, plus you can wear them everywhere. The same pair can take you from biz casual at Bidgood, to dinner with the gals, then to the Quad for gameday.

Here’s a few of my favs!

Laura Martinez