Last-Minute Halloween Costumes to Further the Feminist Agenda

by Laura Martinez

The greatest holiday on the modern gal’s calendar is upon us: Halloween. The sole day of the year we can wear anything with minor to no criticism. I, for one, am stoked every October for this day alone. Choosing a costume can be difficult, however—do you go with ironic and cute, all out badass, or classically creepy? We’ve got your guide right here, each of which will show the world you are woman and to be feared (even without the faux fangs)

1.     Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is not only my personal hero, but also my style icon. She’s fierce, fearless, and played by Gal Gadot who is a real-life wonder woman. Her outfit is so easy to recreate—all you need is a blue skirt/shorts, red top, and gold accessories. Want to get real crafty? Add felt stars to your skirt like I did below.

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2.     Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the literal QUEEN (of Egypt) and was extremely intelligent and known as an extremely agile political figure. She wielded power by influencing the men around her to give it to her, so mad respect to Cleo. Pair a sleek white or black dress with thick cat-eyes, a faux-bob, crown and gold accessories and reign over your Halloween party.

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3.     Cat-Calling

Maybe the scariest costume on this list…cat-calling. Buy an old landline, draw some whiskers on and don your cat ears, and you’ve got yourself a chilling costume.

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4.     Frida Kahlo

Ready to rock a unibrow and flower crown, all at once? The Frida Kahlo costume is for you. Frida is a feminist icon, as her art was crucial to advancing women as serious artists. All you need is a huge flower crown, brightly colored dress, and her signature makeup to replicate her look.

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5.     Beyonce

Arguably one of the hardest roles to fill, but the easiest costume to put together on this list since you likely already own silver jewelry and a black floppy hat.  Layer necklaces if you don’t have one that already weighs 9 lbs, and load up on rings and bracelets to complete this look.

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6.     Simone Biles

Leotard and medal, and boom, you’re in action as our Olympic gold medalist and feminist icon Simone Biles.

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7.     Ke$ha

Kesha publically admitted to being a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her manager, and thus took on multi-billion dollar company, Sony, to break out of her contract underneath him. If that’s not female power and strength, I don’t know what is.  Honor our gal with a shaggy fur vest, as much glitter as you can possibly stomach, a toothbrush and a bottle of Jack. You’ve not only got yourself a costume, but also shots for the whole night.

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