Belts are Back

by Laura Martinez

Young, dumb, but mostly broke? Oh girl do we have a trend for you--belts are back in a big way. Although there’s a chance they never left that sad, deserted corner of your closet, you know the one next to your grad gown and homecoming dresses? This new wave of belts is no match for the classic, sequined Limited Too line you’re still hoarding there (even though those literally went with everything).

You’ve probably seen the huge, Western double-buckle belt all over the place, but maybe don’t know how to wear it. We recommend keeping the belt either the statement piece of your outfit, or the sole accent accessory. Pair a black or brown belt with blue jeans and a plain tee for an elevated casual daytime look, along with simple jewelry. Another daytime option: give a floral dress an edge above the rest by adding the belt to the smallest part of your waist. Laura, you’ve got me all wrong, I only change out of my big t-shirt and Nike shorts to go out. Same. Black jeans, black double-buckle belt, and a simple black tank will never fail you. Pledge your allegiance to the double-buckle belt, because it’s here to stay.

Two buckles is one too many buckles for you? Meet the logo belt changing the way we wear luxury. Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Hermes have the most perfect statement belts that can help you look so trendy in such a subtle, I’m-not-even-trying way. These belts will last you decades, so they’re worth the investment, but you can also find them all over Poshmark if you don’t want to break the bank on a belt.

You already own four double-buckle belts and are saving for a Gucci next? Welcome to the club (population: me), let me feed your obsession with the chain belt. You’ll feel one-part Gypsy, one-part knight in shining armor, but entirely fabulous when you wear it. It goes best slung around your waist with a slouchy romper or dress, or looped through denim shorts with a patterned top. Also doubles as a self-defense tool if anyone crosses you walking home. Win-win.

Below are a few of our favorite pieces to help you nail this new trend!  

Gucci Logo Belt

Gucci Logo Belt

Laura Martinez