Our Resolution for 2018

by Lillian Roth

We have a tendency to wait for new beginnings or fresh starts to strive for change. Although we could commit ourselves to new habits and goals right here and now, we hold out until some specific, essentially arbitrary date that we all deep-down know is no different than yesterday and today. 

I'm certainly guilty of it. I wait until Monday to start a trendy juice cleanse, set goals of perfect attendance at the start of each semester, and establish a new budget at the beginning of each month. While I could eat healthy, go to every class, and spend less on avocado toast starting right now, I see these benchmarks and starting points as a clean slate and an opportunity to start strong. If I mess up half way through the month, I just throw the goal to the wind and put off starting again and "doing better" until the next month rolls around.

Of course this is why we all love setting resolutions at the start of each new year. We realize in November we should have gone to church more, or in October we swear that next year is the year to stop gossiping. We have a set, universal date to resolve to quit bad habits, develop good ones, and just be better. But why are we waiting for meaningless benchmarks to be our best self?

This year, I challenge you to not just set resolutions that you should have been working on since September, and don't resolve to do something that you can finish by February. In 2018, make a resolution to be flexible and confident as you cultivate a "new" you. Make a resolution to constantly reevaluate your areas for growth and work to be stronger every single day. Your goals will change, new habits will form, and each day will be a chance for a new resolution.

Let's make 2018 the year for positive change, the year for learning and loving, the year for daily resolutions and constant goal setting. Don't make your resolutions a string of to-do's or a list of things you hate about yourself. Resolve to be your best self each and every day in 2018.

Lillian Roth