Truth or dare? Actually, how about both?

Here’s the truth: Being a college woman takes a lot of work. We are expected to ace our tests on Wednesday, balance super-flirty-but-never-slutty every night, fulfill our expected role as secretary or social chair (maybe president if we "prove" ourselves) for the countless organizations we’re involved in, and then of course rock our best game day romper on Saturday. We constantly expect so much of ourselves and from each other, but often don’t expect boys to treat us like the queens we are. The truth is: we are badasses.

Now, are you ready for the dare? I dare every woman to know her own value. I dare you to realize that being born without a you-know-what does not change your worth nor the power of your voice. I dare you to understand that women are smart, powerful, beautiful and celebrated. You are equal, valued, respected, fabulous, ambitious, and every other positive buzzword I can think of, and through this blog we want to remind you of that with every post.

Why is feminism the new “f-word”? Our society acts awkward and uncomfortable when anyone brings up equality, privilege, or pay gaps. But as I have grown and learned during my time on campus, I certainly see the new ways sexism displays itself, and it's not always through suffrage battles or our right to education. Sexism is subtle, but no less harmful, and will only be overcome when women prepare themselves to stand up and speak out.

“Truth + Dare” wants to equip you with every how-to, must-have and must-read to empower you as we discuss the truth of life as a college woman and dare you to see your highest potential.

xo, Lillian