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by Laura Martinez

Obviously, we don’t blame you if Truth+Dare is your one source for all things fantastically female..But just in case you’re looking for a few more sites to learn a thing or two from (or scroll through mindlessly during Econ 101), we want to share a few of our other favorite blogs. After all, what would a feminist-centric blog be if we didn’t use it boost other blogs too?!


The EveryGirl

Just as it sounds, The EveryGirl quite literally has something for every girl. Need help formatting your resume, learning a new language, budgeting advice, or even help coping with anxiety? You’ll find it all on this blog, with minimal advertising and plugs for products. The articles are more real than your typical mass-media site (Cosmo, we’re looking at you with your “10 Things Every Girl Does When Bae’s Gone” article). A new favorite of ours is “How to Be More Present in Your Friendships”.



Feministing is an awesome online community full of young feminists, just like you and me. Their site is great for catching up on current events, pop culture, and social issues, without the red or blue tinted glasses *cough bias* of national news sites. If there’s something going on in the world you want to learn more about, Feministing is the site for you. It’s like, the rules of feminism, all on one site. We can’t even pick a favorite article, but we do think “Inside the Fight for Menstrual Equity in America’s Prisons” was fascinating, eye-opening, and heartbreaking all at once.  


Erin Lee


Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the blog of one of our very own contributors, Erin! You may have seen Erin’s byline on many of our articles as Erin Brown, but this fabulous gal recently said “I do” and is now a Craft! Erin is total post-grad goals, and we are all heart-eyes for her personal style. She has tons of amazing articles that feel like you’re just reading fabulous advice from your big sis. A must-read: “Real Talk & Resolutions


Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Five words: Amy Poehler’s Girl Power Blog. Do we need to say more? Amy began an organization specifically meant to help young people “cultivate their authentic selves”. It’s a fabulous site full of diverse, interesting articles, and each is soaked in realness. Allot about three hours for this site, you’ll get sucked in quick! And start here with “How are you fueled by failure?


Freddie Harrel

Freddie began this site as a fashion blog in 2013, but as she grew, so did the blog. It transitioned into a quest to find herself and her femininity. The result is an incredibly inspiring on-going self-exploration journey, with some killer outfits along the way. Read up, you may just find yourself or your favorite new dress! Our favorite: “Self-Love, First & Foremost



No list of fabulous female-centric blogs would be complete without Jezebel. It was the OG source for all things pro-women, and was founded as a counter to the all the magazines only concerned with giving out diet tips and untrue gossip. Jezebel encouraged women to take a deeper dive into contemporary feminism and fighting the patriarchy. Read the truth of “Cardi B Is Our Ratchet Motivational Compass”, and revel in the greatness that is Cardi B.


Enjoy, gals!

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