We Can All Do Better

by Laura Martinez

While you may hear us talk predominately about feminism and women’s empowerment here at Truth + Dare, the root of these issues is equality for all. We take a stance for every minority and group that has been put down and belittled and told they aren’t equal to the rest of society.

Earlier this week, a series of videos was leaked that showed a University of Alabama student using extremely offensive racial slurs and then defending them. As a group of mostly Alabama students and alumni, we want to make it known we are disgusted by the level of disrespect and hate displayed in these videos. We are even more appalled by the light these videos shed on the culture that has enabled such grotesque actions. Although involved in several scandals throughout the years, we believe wholeheartedly that The University of Alabama is continually working toward a more open-minded, diversified and modern point of view that does not include racism. Unfortunately, actions such as this video prove there is still much more progress to be made.

At Truth + Dare, we believe it is never okay to speak derogatorily of gender, race or religion. This incident has made us realize that while we are predominately focused on feminism for the modern girl, we must do more and be more. We are challenging ourselves and our readers to be ambassadors of change, to stand up and say something whenever we see anybody mistreated—not only women. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” We are all citizens of the world and every single one of us deserves the same opportunities and treatments, despite what one girl, one politician or one President believes.

Let’s work together to make the hateful people the minority instead. Let's distinguish ourselves from those who are still stuck in the backwards way of thinking that certain individuals deserve more due to the fact they were born into a certain race or gender. I believe if we start the conversation within our own circle and own friend groups, we can change the conversation. We can shut down the evil behind the belief in inequality. Together, we must stand up for those who continue to be discriminated against.

Laura Martinez