Searching for Summer Shows

by Emma Robson

School’s out and it’s too hot to go outside. What better time to dive into a new TV addiction?


Queer Eye: Netflix

Unlike other makeover reality shows, Queer Eye goes beyond looks and lifestyle. The fab 5 establish strong relationships with the show’s guests, fostering genuine confidence and making lasting positive changes in the lives of these men. It’s both hilarious and heartwarming. Plus, season 2 comes out June 15!



Jane the Virgin: Netflix

The love child of Bridget Jones’ Diary and Narcos, Jane the Virgin is based on a Venezuelan telenovela. The show’s writers pay homage to Latin American media and literature with telenovela tropes and references to magical realism. Jane the Virgin has all the unbelievable soap opera drama you crave, but with character development and good lighting.


The Handmaid’s Tale: Hulu

A T+D favorite, The Handmaid’s Tale takes Margaret Atwood’s iconically feminist novel to the screen. It’s not for the faint of heart, but the events are more relevant than you might think and the message couldn’t be more important.



The West Wing: HBO

Creator Aaron Sorkin is known for smart, rhythmic dialogue, and the actors who deliver it in this series definitely do it well. It’s the perfect thing to watch when you wish you had a few more episode of Scandal or House of Cards.



Dear White People: Netflix

This show fearlessly attacks issues of modern racism without giving up entertainment value or seeming brash. Understanding racism is a hard pill to swallow, but Dear White People makes it a little easier.


Sex and the City: HBO, Amazon Prime

If you haven’t seen every episode, what are you doing? And if you have, watch them all again.



Glee: Netflix

Glee is a longtime favorite of mine. I have watched it five times, and it still makes me laugh and cry harder than anything else on TV. Plus, Sue Sylvester is the feminist villain we never knew we needed.


Girls: HBO

Every character on this show is a mess. They’re young, dumb, and broke, but their struggles are strangely comforting and you’ll be inspired by their no-matter-what friendships.


As always, happy binging!


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