Power to the Podcast

by Alexa Dato

Podcasts are mini radio shows that broadcast every topic from conspiracy theories to  motivational advice to anything relating to politics across the spectrum. I have different podcasts depending on my mood. Some I listen to when I want to learn more about a bill being discussed in Congress, and others if I need a refresher on what’s been going on with the Kardashians. The best thing about podcasts is that if there’s an interest, there’s probably a show that covers it. Whenever I get tired of my Spotify music playlists, I download a podcast on the Apple Podcasts app or on the Spotify app.

Here’s some of T+D’s favorite podcasts we’ve subscribed to:

If you need more than the daily Skimm email to update you on current events…

  • The Daily by the New York Times

  • Up First by NPR

  • Left, Right, and Center by KCRW

These podcasts range from 5 minutes to an hour, so depending on how long your morning routine lasts, these are easy to turn on in the morning while getting ready for class on your commute to work. We like these podcasts because they are narrated by journalists from different news organizations to cover the biggest current events.


For the feminist in all of us…

  • Stuff Your Mother Never Told You

  • The History Chicks

  • Two Dope Queens

  • Women at Work by Harvard Business Review

These podcasts discuss women’s issues surrounding birth control, intersectionality, and famous women who made strides in history. If you’re still not sold on the “f-word”, listen to these podcasts and you’ll change your mind.

Episodes to get you started:

  • Can a Marriage Be Feminist? And The Problem with a Pinterest Perfect Life on Stuff Your Mother Never Told You

  • Make Yourself Heard on Women at Work


If you’re ready to dominate in trivia…

  • Hidden Brain

  • Stuff You Should Know

  • TED Radio Hour

  • Freakonomics Radio

I’ve learned more about real-life history and economic principles from these podcasts than any class I’ve taken in college. Each episode has a new topic that consists of breaking down a complicated subject or innovative idea into terms that a 5th grader could understand.

Episodes to get you started:

  • Just Sex and In the Air We Breathe on Hidden Brain

  • Beyond Tolerance and Just a Little Nicer on TED Radio Hour

  • How Personality Tests Work on Stuff You Should Know


For those of us still talking about "Making a Murderer"…

  • Serial Season One

  • Dirty John

  • Sword and Scale

  • Casefile

If your Wikipedia history consists of serial killer profiles, these podcasts are for you. True crime fans will enjoy Sword and Scale and Casefile because each episode presents a new murder mystery while Serial and Dirty John are mini-series that are great for long road trips!

Episode to get you started:

  • Episode 62: Jenelle Potter on Sword and Scale


If you need some inspiration to keep up with your 2018 goals…

  • TED Talks Daily

  • The Science of Happiness

  • Seek the Joy

I keep several of these podcasts saved on my phone for emergency motivation when I’m having a bad day. These are perfect whether you need a TED talk to get inspired for a new project or you need comfort by listening to someone else’s problems with a psychologist.

Episodes to get you started:

  • We need to talk about an injustice and The gift and power of emotional courage on TED Talks Daily

  • 3 Good Things and How to Fall in Love with Anyone on The Science of Happiness

Alexa Dato