by Lillian Roth

September rolls around and girls everywhere decide to ignore the 90 degree heat and sprint to their nearest Starbucks so they can be the first to post a Snap or Insta of their Pumpkin Spice Latte with the caption, “omg first PSL of the year! *insert string of painfully cliche emojis*.”

Alright ladies, enough is enough. I am quick to admit that Starbucks seasonal drinks are delicious and so very post-worthy, but we all need to expand our horizons a bit when we hit up our favorite coffee shop. See below some other fall options to make your new go-to, and avoid being one of 8 million PSLs they probably whip up every day.

One of my favorite alternatives to the PSL is the Pumpkin Chai Latte. You still get your pumpkin fix, but at least can pretend to be more adventurous. The fab pumpkin flavor is perfectly complemented by the cloves and cardamom found in the chai concentrate. Order it “for here” if you’ll be studying or working for a bit, and get one of Starbucks’ oversized mugs to see the delicious swirl of whip cream and cinnamon on top.

Another one of the great fall options is the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Available year-round, this warm drink tastes like the rich cinnamon-sugar topping you sprinkle on oatmeal or french toast. With hints of brown sugar, this latte often steps up as my dessert of choice rather than my morning jumpstart. If you don’t have a big sweet tooth, but are still into the flavor, I recommend asking for fewer “pumps” of the flavor and the barista will know what to do.

If you’re going to be real with yourself and admit that it’s definitely still hot outside, there are several awesome iced or frozen drinks that still give you the flavors of Fall. I recommend the Toffee Nut Frappuccino. The rich, buttery flavor of toffee is combined with the comforting warmth of toasted nuts, then blended with coffee, milk, and ice. The drink gives off fall vibes, but is still appropriate to drink when the weather begs to differ. Once it does start to finally get cooler, the Toffee Nut Latte is a scrumptious hot version.

Next time you visit your favorite green mermaid, try one of these drinks and show your Snapchat followers that you’re a trendsetter even in your coffee choice. Fall is for oversized sweaters, yellow leaves, and scrumptious drinks. But let’s also make fall for stepping out of our comfort zone, even if it starts with something as trivial as our latte order.

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