From Bubbly to Blends

by Lillian, Maggie, and Lacey

If you’re anything like us, picking out the right wine is daunting and often results in reaching for the go-to *cheap* Pinot Grigio. This week, some of your favs from the T+D team went to Carpe Vino in Tuscaloosa for a wine tasting and lemme tell you, we’re basically experts now. For only $10 a person, we got to sip and savor some of our new favorites. From bubbly to blends, we tried five different delicious wines and learned about their complexity and pairings. Need to look sophisticated on your next date or maybe impress the BF’s parents at the next holiday? Keep reading -- we’ve reviewed our top 3 for you.


Prosseco: Pop the bubbly and celebrate you today girlfriend, because this wine is meant for an occasion. We learned that when having a wine tasting, you start with the lightest and move to deeper flavors. The prosecco we tasted was Chloe, and definitely a great choice. At under $15, we recommend grabbing this for your Girl Gang when your bestie gets her next job offer.

*Did you know? Champagne is only champagne if it comes from Champagne, France! Although relatively similar in taste, Prosecco is Prosecco because it comes from Italy. The same goes for Cava which comes from Spain. So, to all the basic, cheap drinkers like us, no, Andre is not a true champagne; it’s technically a sparkling wine.


Beauchaine Chardonnay: YES YES YES. We loved this one. This wine was crisp and fresh with a hint of apple flavor. Perfect for when you come home after a long day and need something that both quenches your thirst and eases your stress.

*Pro tip: Pair chardonnay with sushi, especially spicy sushi! As we tried to pinpoint the richness of this one, we also learned the phrase “chew your wine” which is what it’s called when your wine has a strong aftertaste for you to savor on your tongue even after you’ve downed that gulp.


Diora Pinot Noir: Fabulous. Complex. Outspoken. Rich. And no, we aren’t talking about our desired personality traits. This wine was all of that and more. With mocha notes, our coffee addicts in the group were head over heels after the first sip. Easily our favorite, a few of us decided to split the bottle and spend more time after the tasting solving the world’s problems together (... or just discuss this week’s This Is Us). While this was the most expensive bottle of the bunch, it still didn’t break the bank and would be fabulous to give your sis or mom for a holiday gift. Or just give it to us, we’d be down for that too.


*Pro tip: The hostess who shared her knowledge and tips with us, Caroline, recommended a light pinot noir or sweet red for those just trying to get into red wines. Our own DJ Katter J, who first thought of red wine as being akin to cough syrup in taste, followed this rec and bought Gotto d’oro Lazzio. After downing the bottle, like any normal basic b!tch would, we asked her for her final thoughts: “To die for,” she said. Well, there you have it.


Okay, so if you can’t tell, we were all dying over the wines, and as for Carpe Vino, we are all about it. Our girl Caroline couldn’t have been more helpful, and the atmosphere itself was divine. Think cozy, coffee shop with a twist - aka surrounded by gorg wine bottles - and that’s Carpe Vino. Located in the heart of downtown Tuscaloosa, Carpe Vino is definitely the place to go with your #GirlGang, or somewhere to take your parents when they come to T-Town for a weekend visit.

Another cool thing: you can get takeout from neighboring restaurants and eat it in Carpe Vino while you sip some fine wine.  


Carpe Vino info:

Tastings every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 5:30 to 8 pm.

Tasting is $10, and if you fall in love with a wine (like we did!), you can buy a bottle from the tasting for $5 off!

515 Greensboro Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401


T + D Team