Demi Lovato

by Lindsay Howard

The transition from Disney starlet to an adult musician is not an easy one. We have seen countless stars attempt (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to find themselves and their image after years of having a brand crafted for them. More often than not, these stars end up on a segment of “where are they now.” However, the generation of Disney stars most college kids grew up watching managed to have a handful of actors and singers who were able to make the transition from child to adult in the spotlight. One of these stars stands out in particular as someone who has faced and overcome struggles and learned how to recklessly be herself. Demi Lovato is a humble Texas gal with a lot of talent and a lot of life experience. As Demi grew up under the pressure of being a child actor, she went through struggles many other women face, including alcohol and drug addiction and an eating disorder. Demi was able to come out on the other side, reminding women everywhere that they are strong, beautiful, and worthy. She has used her platform for good, proving that even the most difficult of circumstances can be faced head.

Demi Lovato, a Dallas native, began her acting career at a young age in Barney and Friends. As she got older, her family and friends began to notice young Demi had a knack for the stage and the voice of an adult. Demi began to navigate her way through the early stages of a career in the entertainment industry, booking her breakout role as Charlotte in Camp Rock in 2007. From there, Demi Lovato became a household name among anyone between the ages of 11 and 18. She was thrust into the world of Disney and the life of a childhood actor, with all that came with it. Before even reaching the age of 18, Demi found herself addicted to cocaine (identifying herself as a daily user), an alcoholic, and having developed an eating disorder. Young teens around the world were shocked to find out their favorite teen star had punched a backup dancer on a tour bus (a true story). She was constantly partying to an extreme and showing up at appearances hungover or high. Demi was checked into rehab at the age of 18, eventually being diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder, and an eating disorder.

After being diagnosed with an eating disorder, Demi had to learn to love her body the way it is without harming herself. Since release from rehab, she has embraced her curves and found a way to be physically fit and healthy. She works out consistently, attending boxing nearly everyday. She advocates for self-love and reminds women their bodies are strong and powerful. She even has her own Fabletics line, empowering women to be their best, healthy selves, rather than their best skinny selves. Demi speaks out regarding body image, insuring women that they are made beautifully and wonderfully. Recently, she posted a photo of herself on Insatgram noting that she did not like the way her legs looked in it, which is precisely why she posted it. Demi made the post to promote self-love and assure her followers that they too can love their bodies for their ability and strength. Body image issues are something many women suffer from. Demi Lovato does her best to ensure these women that they are not alone in their daily fight with themselves.

Although the pop princess has seen a lot in her young life, Demi was able to come out on the other side, and come out better for it. After 5 years of sobriety Demi is now an activist for many things, including bullying, gay rights, and eating disorder advocacy. Demi shines as a beacon of light for people struggling with similar situations. She runs campaigns and sits on boards, even using her personal social media accounts to push towards equality and community. What makes this so special? Demi Lovato is unafraid. She speaks about her experiences, no matter how tragic and embarrassing they may be, and works to make a better tomorrow. She empowers women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds to be who they are, not who the world is telling them they need to be. Demi loves recklessly and without any limits. She stands up for those who can’t, attempting to let women know that they are not alone.

Lindsay Howard