Inside Alice The Mag

by Sara Massey

Often behind the scenes, Truth + Dare gave Allie Binford the spotlight this week. Not only does she serve as her sorority’s marketing director and Truth + Dare’s creative director, but Allie is also the Editor-in-Chief of Alice Magazine. Alice is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine for college women, by college women, that started here on campus three years ago.

Mark Mayfield, the academic advisor for Alice, sparked her interest during one of her freshman public relations classes. After sending a cold email saying that she wanted to be involved “in any way possible,” Allie was placed as the assistant to the market editor. By shadowing the market editor and learning the ropes quickly, Allie was then placed as not only the market editor, but also as one of the fashion editors for her sophomore year. Allie grew Alice’s market by creating relationships with not only physical boutiques, but also online stores. Alice now receives clothes for shoots from a pool of twenty stores as well as student designers.

Venturing into her junior year, Allie Binford was selected as the first junior to be editor-in-chief of Alice Magazine. Allie says that being editor-in-chief is “an invaluable experience if you want to go into any sort of creative field. [She] has always wanted to work in fashion magazines and having the opportunity to get a feel for and learn what the bigger jobs are like, but also working [her] way up and seeing what life outside of college could be like is an extremely cool experience.” One of these experiences was attending the College Media Association conference in New York City over spring break. The Big Apple, as well as other photoshoot locations, are places that led to opportunities that Allie says she never would have had if she wasn’t involved in Alice.

Since fully taking the reins as editor-in-chief, Allie’s first issue of Alice is selling better than any other issue to date. Allie is in charge of 16 editors, and over 100 students on their email list. Although she claims to be graduating next December (we are forcing her to stay), Allie says that the next editor could come from any age, and truly depends on who is taking initiative.

Allie is inspired by Alice and Truth + Dare’s similar mission and audience of being for college women, by college women (but we still love you too, boys). She says “it is awesome to be part of something that desperately needs to be promoted on campus. Truth + Dare doesn’t get enough credit for being supportive. Some people think it is a feminist attack blog or anti-men, but we are rational, I promise!”

On top of all her accomplishments, Allie lists concerts high up on her list of hobbies and priorities. She has attended 5 concerts this semester all across the Southeast, and even here in Tuscaloosa.

The Fall/Winter issue of Alice Magazine can be purchased up until the launch of the Spring issue early next semester. Alice can be found at the University Supe Store, Tuscaloosa Barnes and Noble, and most Books-A-Million stores in the Southeast. If you would like to get involved with Alice, visit their website, instagram, facebook, or email Allie at

As one of Allie’s friends, I can say that her anonymous nomination was long overdue. She excels in every field she steps into, and is a constant role model and support system for everyone around her. Truth + Dare is so proud of her and as always, we encourage you to ‘check out’ her and Alice alike.


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Sara Massey